Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacation over!

So some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in about half a month. Well the reason for that was I was on vacation. I went back east and visited family and friends. I really enjoyed myself, so much so that I gained over 6lbs. But for eating anything I wanted and drinking what I wanted it wasn't that bad I suppose. I did indulge in some delicious cake and ice cream which I probably haven't had in a year. I spent a lot of my time just hanging around and even went rock wall climbing.

While I did enjoy myself there was one thing I did not. And that was flying. As I have posted before I have a rather irrational fear of flying. I did alright by not freaking out and even slept for a few moments at times. What really worked out for me was on my flight home my original flight was canceled so I had to reschedule. I was fine with this as I didn't mind another day there but I did get bumped to first class. I have to say this made the return flight so much more enjoyable. I was not cramped between two people or having to deal with a screaming baby. I was even served a free dinner and had I been 21 I would have had free drinks! I feel spoiled as I do not want to fly anything but first class. Below are some pictures of the mean and how much more room I had on the A320. But I will be back to posting regularly now that I am back home.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Credit Card update

So if you have been following my post I recently posted about looking into a credit card. Well I did finally settle on applying for a Discover Student card. It has a cash back reward and because of my limited credit history (only student loans) I wasn't sure I'd even get approved for that. Turns out I was approved and with a much higher credit limit then expected. I was set a $3000.00 limit on my first card. I was bit overjoyed when I was told this and to my surprise the customer service representative ask if I felt this would be enough. If anyone is curious my Credit score ranges from 655 to 680 (depending on which of the 3). I am just a bit happy about being approved for this amount and also being approved in general that I'd thought I'd share.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to School

I have finally gotten everything squared away to attend Western Oregon University. I was accept back in March but due to waiting for paperwork to be sent across the states. I am still fighting so I do not have to pay out of state tuition. It seems that Oregon's law is that you are required to be living in the state for a year or more before the start of the term in order to be qualified. Regardless of that I was able to get registered for classes on the college's transfer day. I am very glad I attended this as the system here is very different from where I come from.

To start the credit amount is a lot higher but this is due to the term system. I am used to the semester system where you have only fall and spring not Fall, winter , and spring. This means instead of having 30 credits a year I should have somewhere near 45. I am really looking forward to have classes only last 2 months instead of 3 1/2. I felt like classes lasted a long time and look forward to them being over sooner. Also all my credits transferred which was a pleasant surprise to me.

The other difference is how many credits classes are worth. For example some of my science classes were worth a total of 4 credits (3 class and 1 lab) and are not worth 6 (4.5 lecture and 1.5 Lab). It makes me feel like I accomplished more then I have.

TL;DR -> I transferred schools and they go on term system not semesters.

Feel free to comment about your experiences with transferring schools. Maybe something to watch out for.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Credit Cards.....

I have recently been looking into getting a credit card mainly as a way to help increase my credit score and have a way of having emergency funds. This sounds like an easy task of signing up for a card and getting approved or denied. As I have learned there are loads of fine print associated with the cards.

I have been looking to get a card with less than 20% APR, which isn't easy since I don't have much credit besides my loan debt. This isn't a an easy option because most cards require a co-signer or at least a higher income amount then I can current obtain thanks to school. I can't get my parents to sign as my mother isn't a viable credit candidate and father being deceased. I am looking into to possible student cards offered by Citi and discover but am not so sure the APR and annual fee is high.

Its hard not to be dragged in by the special perks they offer such as cash back or bonus points. I just feel as if I will never get a credit card before I graduate college. I am taking a break from searching and am open to suggestions from readers!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No more diet Soda

I have decided as of yesterday to start kick my excessive habit of drinking diet soda. I have come to realize that it is not only an expensive but not healthy either. I am currently on day two of "detox" I guess you could call it. I started yesterday cutting back from 2 - 3 liters of diet soda to 12 oz. I did even better today at only about 8oz. I plan to keep going eventually drop it all together. Now I am sure you are asking yourself what have you replaced it with?

Well I have switched to unsweetened tea and water. This isn't exactly the greatest tasting stuff in the world but I just tell myself it's a whole lot better then what I was putting in my body. The reason for going with the unsweetened is to avoid all the artificial sweeteners that are not good for your body. A lot of people have said how bad it is for weight loss but I kind of put that in the back of my head and kept drinking it. Ultimately it is to help me continue on my weight loss goal.

I am having sort of withdrawals whether it be from caffeine consumption dropping or the actual soda contents. I have had headaches and been pretty tired but I keep pushing through it as in the end it will help me out. I feel pretty good getting down to 195 but I need to keep pushing down to at least 175. I know this won't be easy but dropping diet soda can only help (I hope).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portal 2

So lately I have been playing Portal 2. I never played the first one but always saw reference to it whether it be companion cube or a obscure reference to GLaDOS. I have to say I didn't think a game in which you simply use portals to solve puzzles was going to entertaining. I thought after awhile the puzzles with just be the same old shoot a portal and be done, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't. Sure you have to use portals to solve every puzzle but it's not that easy. I often found myself over thinking the puzzles only to find it is simple. There are a few plot twist which I rather enjoyed and kept me entertained.

The story mode is great and even if you haven't played the first portal game (like myself) you will be able to pickup and follow along. The dialog is absolutely great and has you laughing all the way till the end. The AI GLaDOS has a smart remark for everything and also great cheap insults that will. I never felt as if it was generic comments that took absolutely no thought to put in a game. The Co-op also has some great commentary by GLaDOS in which the AI attempts to pit you against each other.

The Co-OP is a fun addition to the game as it allows you , and even encourages you, to kill your partner. Now I don't mean in the same sense of get a gun and shoot but offering you achievements for dropping a walkway from under your partner. I have had many laughs and frustrations with my partner as it seems hilarious to close a portal as soon as you run towards the exit causing you to fall in water.

If you haven't played it or you are debating on playing it, give it a try! For a puzzle game it is one of the better ones. I have spent hours going back to find the hidden Easter eggs, which I won't ruin here but below is a video (from the end SPOILER) featuring a musical note from the turrets who spent the game shooting at you.



Translation of the song:

Cara bel, cara mia bella.
(My dear, beautiful darling.)
Mia bambina, a tra che la stima che la stima.
(My child that I admire.)
A cara mia, addio!
(To my dear, farewell!)
Mia bambina cara, perche non passi lontana si lontana de scienza?
(My dear girl, why don't you stay away, yes away from science?)
Cara cara mia bambina.
(My dear, dear girl.)
A mia bel.
(To my lovely.)
A mia cara.
(To my dear.)
A mia cara.
(To my dear.)
A mia bambina.
(To my Child.)
A cara, cari a mi!
(My dear, dear to me!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Subaru SVX

So some of you might have noticed I haven't posted anything in the past 9 days. Well between work and all these games that came out I haven't had time. I recently attended a Subaru SVX car meet in Northern WA. This car meet was just a basic meet to get to know the fellow SVXers and do some basic maintenance on the fellow cars. I have been a part of this club for a few years now and they have been nothing but helpful in any kind of assistance I need as far as the SVX goes.

Now most of you have probably never heard of a Subaru SVX or haven't heard about them in many years. The Subaru SVX came out in 1992 and features a unique window-in-window designed by Giugiaro, who designed many super cars. This was one of the first Subaru's (Minus the XT-6) to feature a 6 cylinder boxer engine. It features (at new) 230 HP and 228 ft*lbs of torque. It unfortunately only came with a 4 speed automatic transmission as there were no manual transmissions Subaru had to handle the torque the SVX put out.They only made 25,000 cars worldwide which for a production car is not a lot. Below is my car (former owners plate not mine)

I had put a bit of work into my SVX and added a 2003 WRX manual transmission , sporting a 3.90 gear ratio compared the stock 3.54 ratio in the auto. I have also added the stylish WRX STi BBS wheels. But feel free to show some Subaru love or general questions comments on this unique car.