Thursday, March 3, 2011

Xbox Mod

Since weight loss isn't an over night thing I thought I'd also included other things in this blog besides it. I finally after years decided to mod my xbox using a connectivity kit, as I had a Lite-on version 7 drive. Modding the disk drive to read dual layers disk was relatively straight forward and went very smoothly. The real fun part was doing the case mod. I chose to do a cut out of Boba Fett's symbol on the side and apply plexiglass underneath it.

Below shows the work step by step.

Starting out with stenciled design

Here is the hard work after 6hrs of drimmel and cutting.

First coat of paint.

Second coat of paint.

Final product that needs a bit of touch up.
So after a bit of hard work I am please with how it turned out. I wanted to make it so the disk drive is see through as well but that will wait. it took a total of 10 hours I think ti complete the cut and paint. The hardest part was the sharp corners and areas on the skull right above the tusks.Not much more to say about it, so I'd love to hear some comments.


  1. This is freaking awesome, love boba fett

  2. Amazing work! It must have been hard, but I'd love to have my Xbox customized like yours :P

  3. This looks brilliant, great work.

  4. Looks very cool, nice work man!

  5. You should look into selling custom cases! nice work!

  6. I'm liking it

    I wish I had the know how to mod my xbox

  7. sick case dude! I mod xboxs my self. I never could get my probes to work on