Thursday, April 28, 2011

Portal 2

So lately I have been playing Portal 2. I never played the first one but always saw reference to it whether it be companion cube or a obscure reference to GLaDOS. I have to say I didn't think a game in which you simply use portals to solve puzzles was going to entertaining. I thought after awhile the puzzles with just be the same old shoot a portal and be done, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't. Sure you have to use portals to solve every puzzle but it's not that easy. I often found myself over thinking the puzzles only to find it is simple. There are a few plot twist which I rather enjoyed and kept me entertained.

The story mode is great and even if you haven't played the first portal game (like myself) you will be able to pickup and follow along. The dialog is absolutely great and has you laughing all the way till the end. The AI GLaDOS has a smart remark for everything and also great cheap insults that will. I never felt as if it was generic comments that took absolutely no thought to put in a game. The Co-op also has some great commentary by GLaDOS in which the AI attempts to pit you against each other.

The Co-OP is a fun addition to the game as it allows you , and even encourages you, to kill your partner. Now I don't mean in the same sense of get a gun and shoot but offering you achievements for dropping a walkway from under your partner. I have had many laughs and frustrations with my partner as it seems hilarious to close a portal as soon as you run towards the exit causing you to fall in water.

If you haven't played it or you are debating on playing it, give it a try! For a puzzle game it is one of the better ones. I have spent hours going back to find the hidden Easter eggs, which I won't ruin here but below is a video (from the end SPOILER) featuring a musical note from the turrets who spent the game shooting at you.



Translation of the song:

Cara bel, cara mia bella.
(My dear, beautiful darling.)
Mia bambina, a tra che la stima che la stima.
(My child that I admire.)
A cara mia, addio!
(To my dear, farewell!)
Mia bambina cara, perche non passi lontana si lontana de scienza?
(My dear girl, why don't you stay away, yes away from science?)
Cara cara mia bambina.
(My dear, dear girl.)
A mia bel.
(To my lovely.)
A mia cara.
(To my dear.)
A mia cara.
(To my dear.)
A mia bambina.
(To my Child.)
A cara, cari a mi!
(My dear, dear to me!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Subaru SVX

So some of you might have noticed I haven't posted anything in the past 9 days. Well between work and all these games that came out I haven't had time. I recently attended a Subaru SVX car meet in Northern WA. This car meet was just a basic meet to get to know the fellow SVXers and do some basic maintenance on the fellow cars. I have been a part of this club for a few years now and they have been nothing but helpful in any kind of assistance I need as far as the SVX goes.

Now most of you have probably never heard of a Subaru SVX or haven't heard about them in many years. The Subaru SVX came out in 1992 and features a unique window-in-window designed by Giugiaro, who designed many super cars. This was one of the first Subaru's (Minus the XT-6) to feature a 6 cylinder boxer engine. It features (at new) 230 HP and 228 ft*lbs of torque. It unfortunately only came with a 4 speed automatic transmission as there were no manual transmissions Subaru had to handle the torque the SVX put out.They only made 25,000 cars worldwide which for a production car is not a lot. Below is my car (former owners plate not mine)

I had put a bit of work into my SVX and added a 2003 WRX manual transmission , sporting a 3.90 gear ratio compared the stock 3.54 ratio in the auto. I have also added the stylish WRX STi BBS wheels. But feel free to show some Subaru love or general questions comments on this unique car.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Short Update!

So it has been a little while since I have posted about my weight loss. I have been going to the gym but work makes it hard. I have also been eating well and avoiding fast food. I finally reached below 200lbs, which means I am down over 34lbs. I am feel well over this and want to continue going hopefully getting to 190 and then so on. But my hard work is paying off, slowly. I know weight loss is not a quick thing but I kinda wish it was at this point.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The love of Flying

I have a trip coming to visit my friends back in good old North Carolina. Normally planning trips are exciting and usually bring about a happy feeling. And for the most part this is true for me except one aspect of the trip. Flying. I have, for whatever reason, a huge crippling fear of flying. I mean I can fly, I do not have a panic attack or flip out when boarding but I do have other issues. It starts with what I assume can be called irritable bowel syndrome (however embarrassing that is to admit to). I do get sweaty and often find myself gripping the handles. I can't help it even though I have seen the statistics and they help but for some reason I can't get over that. I also attempt to keep distracted with movies and/or other stimulants.

I have had a bad experience on my last flight with a smaller regional jet. I was flying from a larger international airport to a smaller regional one on a slight stormy day. We took off without a problem but soon after words we noticed we stopped climbing and seemed like the engine was not running at full power. Shortly into the flight (roughly 30 minutes) the pilot informed us that we had a mechanical issue and had to turn back. This of course was combined with pretty bad turbulence. It wasn't until we reached the airport (and me slightly freaking out), that we found out the reverse thrusters where not working and not allowing up to cruise at proper speeds. They ended up fixing it and flying us back out in a thunderstorm. It was that day I vowed not to fly for a long time.

I am going to be honest and say that the recent issue involving the Southwest Boeing 737-300 and the 5 foot hole in the top of the airplane. It is that kind of issue that worries me and also well general crashing of a plane. I know if I had been on that flight I would have had a panic attack or two. If you haven't seen or heard read here

I guess where I am getting with this rambling is I hate flying and want to find ways to overcome this fear. I had no real rational reason to be afraid of flying as I know there millions of people who fly safely year around. I mean pilots fly almost every day and most live long prosperous lives so maybe I shouldn't worry as much. If you have an suggestions on ways to stop this let me know!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mining is hard.

I recently started playing a game I vowed not to play, that game being minecraft. Now at first I had no freaking idea what was going on in the game except at night I kept getting blown up or shot with arrows. The game has no advice to give in the beginning so you kind of lost to adventure and figure things out. Eventually I looked up online how to craft items and found it slightly amusing but slightly more annoying. I finally got annoyed enough with the damn monsters I turned them off and found it much more enjoyable. I spent a lot of hours mining and finding 3 diamonds so I could make a diamond pickaxe. But of course as I was grabbing the last one when lava showed up and ruined the day. I couldn't return to the point to recover anything as it was all lost in a fiery river of pain. The game is fun and allows to create anything your heart desires, if you have the patience.

if TL:DR check this video out. It pretty sums up the game.