Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacation over!

So some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in about half a month. Well the reason for that was I was on vacation. I went back east and visited family and friends. I really enjoyed myself, so much so that I gained over 6lbs. But for eating anything I wanted and drinking what I wanted it wasn't that bad I suppose. I did indulge in some delicious cake and ice cream which I probably haven't had in a year. I spent a lot of my time just hanging around and even went rock wall climbing.

While I did enjoy myself there was one thing I did not. And that was flying. As I have posted before I have a rather irrational fear of flying. I did alright by not freaking out and even slept for a few moments at times. What really worked out for me was on my flight home my original flight was canceled so I had to reschedule. I was fine with this as I didn't mind another day there but I did get bumped to first class. I have to say this made the return flight so much more enjoyable. I was not cramped between two people or having to deal with a screaming baby. I was even served a free dinner and had I been 21 I would have had free drinks! I feel spoiled as I do not want to fly anything but first class. Below are some pictures of the mean and how much more room I had on the A320. But I will be back to posting regularly now that I am back home.